Hello again,

Popping in to give a quick update on recent progress with Tapp(2).

What’s going on:

  • Added proxy and network checking support
  • Working on populating the main menu. (One of those things that is going to take a million years to do)
  • Login controller is complete, code and all. Data is kept safe and warm in Apple’s Keychain.
  • The old interface is completely gone. Working on adapting the functions from earlier versions of the app.

The main menu population is giving me tons of trouble, in all of my projects I’ve tried to avoid NSTableview at all costs, and for good reason. I’ve got my Plist file and have all the necessary code, with 0 errors, but of course nothing works and (literally) nothing is printed in the debug console. Wonderful. After a few hundred attempts, I’m sure I’ll get it working.

Thanks to a friendly member of Tesla Motors Club forum, proxy support has been added.