Tapp - Control your Tesla S, X and ≡ using any Mac


Tesla vehicles:

  • Vehicle controls such as: Unlocking and locking doors, opening trunks of frunks, honking the horn etc
  • Valet mode and Speed Limit Mode features
  • Media controls such as: Volume control, Pause, Play, Forward (Next song), Rewind (Previous song) etc
  • Navigation controls such as: Sending a destination directly to your vehicle’s navigation system, tracking your Tesla etc
  • Battery controls such as: Begin and Pause charging, charge port door opening/closing, setting charge limit
  • Climate controls such as: Setting driver and passenger temperatures, controlling fan level etc
  • Model ≡ exclusive controls: Sentry mode etc


  • Backup Reserve
  • Rename a powerwall
  • Change the operation mode


Since a young age I have been fascinated with the leaps and bounds Tesla has accomplished in innovating and normailizing electric transport. When I was lucky enough to gain access to a Model S 85D for the first time, I would spend most of my time in the car, taking photos of the car or playing with summon and autopilot. I was already amazed that I could move the car with a phone app, but I wanted to move it with my computer. That’s when, in 2015, I started to look for an app to do this. Fortunately, there was no app that could drive the car before then. I then started to investigate the Swift programming language to see if I could build an app specifically for this by myself. I had played around with some lower level languages such as C++ and C but could never truly understand them. Once I realized that this was possible, I began learning Swift – by guess and check. For about a year I was designing, learning and building my app called Tapp. It was a very fun process. It was about six months before I was able to flash the headlights on the car, and from there I kept modifying, copying and rewriting my code – learning all the way. From there, I was able to release version 1.5 (If I find a photo, I’ll put it here). Version 1.5 showed a bar graph of several car stats, allowed the user to view the cars location and do almost every function the app can, minus summon. From there, I released an upgraded version 2.0 which had  a different user interface and more aesthetically pleasing controls. I have updated version 2.0 to version 2.5 more recently to provide a working copy of the app for the time being, while I work on version 3. Version t3’s big difference is support for the streaming end of things such as summon, homelink and tracking the vehicle more accurately. Additionally, the interface looks a lot better than the previous versions, and it should flow smoother as well. Data is loaded much more efficiently and requests are the most secure that I have made.


Long story short, this is my passion.

Release date and Beta signup

Release Date

It has been about half a decade since I stated working on Tapp. Since I am still learning as I go, this project may take anywhere from one month to a year to complete. Over half of the app is currently done, with some more heavy lifting to do in the second half. The timeline is anywhere from January 2020 to September 2020.

Beta Signup

If you are interested in testing early versions of the app, and have a Tesla vehicle plus an Apple Mac computer, then please fire me an email at: Spencer@carspotter.ca indicating your interest in the beta program, and I will be able to send you test verions of the app as early as January 2020