Current happenings:

  1. Working on the UI design (I’m no artist, and neither is Swift)
  2. Making Tapp bulletproof
  3. Fixing multi-vehicle support
  4. Adding themes and preferences


  1. Auto-Login and secure data saving
  2. Location view
  3. Logic and workflow in the application
  4. Most of the back-end
  5. The menu and segues


  1. Front-end needs work. Looks passable, but not perfect.
  2. More functions and user interaction points should be added
  3. Current data loading technique could possibly be an issue, it would be good to maintain a standardised data loader within the application.
  4. Could add import Charts and build some graphs to help fill space


Overall, it’s looking good. Development has been pothole after pothole, with the check engine light on steady. Time spent building the app is truly ludicrous, I’ve been developing Tapp 2 since the summer, and in total spent over 2,000 hours on version 2 of Tapp. I do not know when I’ll be ready to release it to the public, but hope it will be soon.