I’ve spent somewhere around 3,000 hours on Tapp. I’ve learned a lot during the process of developing and maintaining the application, and I think it would be beneficial to do two things. One; start from the ground up once again (I will elaborate further later on). Two; put Tapp on the Mac App Store. Why, might you ask. Well these changes come in wake of the support I’ve received from the Tesla community around the application. Due to this support, I have decided to continue maintaining Tapp V2 while in the meantime developing Tapp V3. There a couple of other reasons that I’m starting over;

  1. The datamodel for the application is inefficient and wastes resources
  2. Swift 3 will be deprecated soon, I need to move to Swift 4.2 to make sure Tapp stays optimized for the newer Macs aswell
  3. The way Tapp V2 loads data sent from the Tesla server works well, but could use a good cleaning and rethink.
  4. Version 2 uses five buttons to handle the vehicle selection; the entire base of the application is made to adapt to any given scenario, so having the buttons like this does not stay consistent with the app


A side note: To add scheduled climate control to Tapp, which is something I plan to do with Tapp V3, there have several restrictions which the user will be responsible for dealing with. One; the user’s computer must be on during the scheduled time. Two; the Tapp agent must be running in the background – this means that the computer cannot be restarted from the time the time is scheduled in Tapp to the time at which the vehicle turns it’s climate control on.

This is of course plan B, which is not favourable. I am currently exploring plan A which involves reliable and secure servers to schedule the climate control function, however none of the results for plan A thus far have been promising.