Tapp Summon

September 4th Update

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Summon View

July 31st Update

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Hello all, I have been working on Tapp V3 for around 8 hours per day, and I am making significant progress on the app. As of today, I have all of the vehicle commands working including Homelink and Summon. Tapp’s interfaces are about halfway done (I’m a programmer, not a UI designer).

What still needs to be done:

Design and application of several views including battery controls, climate and media controls

Ensuring that the application is most efficient as possible

Powerwall support

Some Model specific functions such as sentry mode

The goal is a August 9th release, I will keep updating this blog when I can.


NSAlert with NSVisualEffectView

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Hello, I have extended the NSAlert class to replace the view with a transparent dark visual effect view.

extension NSAlert {
    func addVisualEffectView() {
        let EffectView = NSVisualEffectView(frame: self.window.frame)
        EffectView.material = .popover
        EffectView.blendingMode = .behindWindow
        EffectView.state = .active
        for (subview) in (self.window.contentView!.subviews) {
        } // Move all subviews into the new effect view
        self.window.isMovableByWindowBackground = true
        self.window.contentView!.subviews.removeAll() // Remove all of the existing subviews
        self.window.titlebarAppearsTransparent = true
        self.window.titleVisibility = .hidden
        self.window.contentView = EffectView
        self.window.contentView!.wantsLayer = true
        self.window.contentView!.layer!.cornerRadius = 10.0
        self.window.backgroundColor = .clear
        self.window.isOpaque = false

July 2019 Update

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Hello, I am working diligently on Tapp at the moment, I have plenty of free time and plenty of inspiration for this project!
Currently building a new version that’s based on the previous version but completely different. I’ve found a new and improved way of dealing with data which is proving to be lovely. As it stands, I have the automatic updates feature working, and the UI redesigned.


November 2018 Update

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Hi folks,

I know it has been a while since any of my apps or websites have been updated. As you may know it takes a Mac to develop iOS and MacOS applications (especially in swift) or even MacOS running in a virtual machine. I’m currently running a virtual machine with mac on it; however it’s a temporary solution. My goal is to make a hackintosh and avoid Windows entirely. I’ve done a lot of research and spent many hours trying to fully install MacOS and I’ll continue to do so until it is installed. I did my development on an iMac, however I don’t have it any more.


I will provide more updates now that I have the site back up and looking ok.

Thanks for your continued support 🙂