To all having issues with their iOS or MacOS devices since December 1, 2017.


1. 100+ error messages in console like:

error 13:11:46.245363 -0500 lsd Month 13 is out of bounds

2. RAM and/or CPU usage at >100%†

3. Plist files not loading or breaking

4. Generally weird things happening



1. Date & Time handled improperly by the OS



Set Date & Time to anytime before December 2017


Do not power off your device this month


This shell script continuously kills UserEventAgent so it doesn’t suck up all your resources.

#!/bin/sh -
while [ "$i" -ne 0 ]
pid=`ps ux | grep "UserEventAgent" | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2}'`
echo $pid
kill -9 $pid
sleep 10

It was originally posted by Tgray in Apple Support Communities


As of now, fixes temporary, and have their own side effects. This error has been made aware to Apple.

† Use either the shell script above or the Date & Time method in conjunction with force quitting UserEventAgent before and after you set the Date and Time