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Redesign. Again.

I’ve spent somewhere around 3,000 hours on Tapp. I’ve learned a lot during the process of developing and maintaining the application, and I think it would be beneficial to do two things. One; start from the ground up once again (I will elaborate further later on). Two; put Tapp on the Mac App Store. Why, […]

[Tutorial] NSAlert with TextView

Achieving the above is one of the more easy things to do in Swift. First, we need to create an NSAlert(). let AlertView = NSAlert() Now, we will make a suitable TextView, or in this case an NSSecureTextView // NSMakeRect(x, y, width, height) – The location and dimensions of the TextField we need let InputText […]

Tapp 2 update

Current happenings: Working on the UI design (I’m no artist, and neither is Swift) Making Tapp bulletproof Fixing multi-vehicle support Adding themes and preferences Completed: Auto-Login and secure data saving Location view Logic and workflow in the application Most of the back-end The menu and segues Comments: Front-end needs work. Looks passable, but not perfect. […]

Looking ahead

It’s been a while, and a lot of things have changed. Here’s an update of how development is going Most everything has been worked through Ditched the idea of having a TableView for the main menu due to reliability and cleanliness. The application is taking shape! Notifications are now working (Despite some rather large hiccups) […]


About halfway through December now, and a progress update is due. Unfortunately, there is nothing to report. A pervious post details the “Month 13 issue” which has brought my development to a complete standstill. Because Tapp2 will use a PLIST file for the main menu, every time I build the app, it prints ~9 “Month […]

Update – Tapp

Hello again, Popping in to give a quick update on recent progress with Tapp(2). What’s going on: Added proxy and network checking support Working on populating the main menu. (One of those things that is going to take a million years to do) Login controller is complete, code and all. Data is kept safe and […]


It appears the redesign and bug removal process is going to take a while.. Nothing can be done in the time being, I’ll try my best to get it done in good time, and though I can’t give an estimate, I’d say at least 2 weeks for the beta. Though that may vary – depending […]


Tapp2 UI

Hello! Another day is being spent on Tapp, and there is a light at the end of the tunnel! I’ve implemented a library called Locksmith which will assist in securely managing everything and I’ve begun purging the old UI, which is and will be tons of work. Part of the issue is figuring out how […]

Recent progress

Hi all, thought I’d share an update on progress – it’s been a while. Tapp – Time is being consumed here, and things are getting done. Tapp was the first app I built and the code reflects that unfortunately. As of a couple days ago I’ve begun what I’ll call Tapp2. Tapp2 will derive strongly […]