Coded in Swift 3, with the help of libraries such as Alamofire, SwiftyJSON and Charts.

Online Support

Contact the developer directly via the in-app chat service, or via E-Mail.


Done only by me, with creativity and functionality in mind.

Responsive Design

Both applications make the most of Swift and Apple's animation and subviews to bring you the usable UI. Branching into themes soon.

Watch Tapp in Action

Testing using a Model S 85D and an iMac. Here you can see the interface and how the commands work.



I'm no graphics designer or interface expert, but I do try my best to make applications easy to use and nice looking. If you have suggestions for anything, they're welcome! I've been coding Swift for three years now and have a couple of smaller apps under my belt. Tapp was my first real application, by real I mean it actually has a function, and is useful to some. I'm working to fix up bugs in Tapp with constant updates. One problem I have is code signing. Apple wants me to get a developer program license to be able to code sign my apps. I have released Tapp before without issue, but alas, now it seems that the application won't run on other people's computers. I'm designing a custom installer to circumvent this, but the end user will need to accept a user agreement because of the issue.

 Future updates:

  • Chat server - allows communication between end user and developer.
  • Advanced User Interface - in development
  • Support for multiple vehicles
  • Support for Summon (maybe v3)
  • Better functionality in general / code cleanup

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