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Hi, i'm Spencer Graham. I initiated my interested in computer software in 2013. I needed a program that could run on windows and do several difficult tasks. I tried to build the program for a long while, attempting to decipher the C++ examples on the internet to no avail. I then shifted my focus to Apple's Swift language which, when compared with C++, appears to be extremely easy. I spent some years messing around with different languages and applications, then, in 2015, I dove into what is now Tapp(2). Since I had access to a Tesla vehicle and their API, and there was no app to control and view Tesla's from mac, I really wanted to make it happen. It took me a year of trial and error, but eventually I had version 1 ready. Since the challenge of creating something completely new was rather large, I decided I would pursue software engineering seriously and begun several smaller projects, along with the massive Tapp version 2. I run all of the domains and work very hard to keep producing new and enjoyable things, whatever they may be.

ADBToolkit - Have you ever wanted to control your android device wirelessly from your mac computer?

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