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Unofficial Tesla app for MacOS


Tesla vehicles:

  • Vehicle controls such as: Unlocking and locking doors, opening trunks of frunks, honking the horn etc
  • Valet mode and Speed Limit Mode features
  • Media controls such as: Volume control, Pause, Play, Forward (Next song), Rewind (Previous song) etc
  • Navigation controls such as: Sending a destination directly to your vehicle's navigation system, tracking your Tesla etc
  • Battery controls such as: Begin and Pause charging, charge port door opening/closing, setting charge limit
  • Climate controls such as: Setting driver and passenger temperatures, controlling fan level etc
  • Model ≡ exclusive controls: Sentry mode etc


  • Backup Reserve
  • Rename a powerwall
  • Change the operation mode

Thank you! I made an account just to post this to you. I wondered what would be the purpose of your Tapp for my laptop when Tesla already provides one for the phone, but listen to this.

My cell phone (I don't know about anyone else) has the effect of messing with my key fob. The fob will not work when it is in close proximity to my cell phone. So of course, today I get in my car and as usual throw my wallet, phone and keys in the centre console. I run back into the house to grab something I needed, come back to my car and by that time the doors locked and as usual (since the keys were still inside) I pushed the handle to get in and nothing. Keep pushing the handle and nothing. Then, it hit me, the keys are too close to my phone. I was going to call wife, tesla etc, but I remembered your app and Voila! Came in the house downloaded Tapp and it worked perfectly!

Thank you my man! I know you haven't had too much response here, but believe me, there is a use for this and I'm sure others have used it.
Tesla Owner